Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just The Beginning

Like any good love story, this one starts out a little rough. But after only one airport meltdown, 16 pounds of luggage too many, a six hour delay in Frankfurt, and about $100 of cab fares, I have successfully made it to Spain. It is raining and far colder than my suitcase packed with little ballet flats was ever prepared for, but I have faith in this relationship with my future home of six months.

This blog is a story of how the Wolverine (me!) falls in love with El Toro (Spain!) For those of you who don't speak quite as fluently as I do, el toro is code for the bull (bulls are pretty popular here in Spain...)

As many of you know, I am spending a semester in Sevilla, Spain with 35 other students from U of M, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. I will be spending the next six months in this city that smells of oranges, eating tapas galore and dancing my nights away to flamenco. I will also be LEARNING! (believe it or not). I hope to return completely fluent in spanglish.

The rest is to be continued. I have already successfully eaten shrimp with the eyes still in it and mastered the art of arguing with cab drivers, and am sure things can only go up from here.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to do this! Be glad you wore ballet flats and not stilleto heels!

    I'm pretty sure that I could never eat something as it was looking at me!

  2. I love you Gayle...I'm reading every post...twice in fact!

  3. Yayy you made it! I wasn't too sure when I watched you drag your luggage around your house running into everything in sight. I'm so happy for you, but miss you terribly already! Keep writing, you know how I love to creep!